A woman holds a sign over her head. In the background is a mural of Cesar Chavez with the text segments: “Chavez,” “The future is ours.” and “No justice on stolen land.”
TUJA woman holds a sign reading “Apoyo para los enfermos,” one of the slogans from the 2020 Yakima Valley protests. It translates to “Support for the sick” in English. Better Covid practices like mandatory masks and notification about exposure were among the protester’s demands. The background is a mural of Cesar Chavez, who spoke to farmworkers the last time strikes took place in Yakima Valley, Wash. Illustration by Sadie Fick.

How mass walkouts re-kindled the labor movement in the Yakima Valley.

Story by Silvia Leija

On April 6, 1986, Mexican American labor leader and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez spoke to over 2,000 farmworkers at Miller Park in Yakima, Wash., urging them to demand better health care and working conditions…

A handwritten journal entry dated Sep. 12, 2020. The quote reads: “Nostalgia is a liar. Grieve. Reflect. Move on.”
Izzie’s journal entry from the first day she talked to her counselor about ending her friendship with Rachel, Sep. 12, 2020. Photo by Izzie Lund.

How the end of a 9-year friendship taught me to feel more comfortable in my own skin.

Story by Izzie Lund

Editor’s note: Names have been changed out of privacy concerns.

Sept. 12, 2020

“It’s been three weeks, and I haven’t cried yet,” I said. “Is that bad?”

My hands shook as I…

A close-up of Klipsun’s Essence cover from 2018, which shows a clear marble in front of a lake and a marble in a fire.
Klipsun’s Essence cover from spring 2018 on the wall in the Klipsun newsroom. Photo by Sadie Fick.

Three former editors of Klipsun Magazine describe their experiences while on staff through two influential periods in history: post 9/11 and the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Story by Mallory Biggar

In a tiny newsroom closet in Skagway, Alaska, Jennifer Collins woke up in her fold-out bed to a strange…

The nine-page Pentagon report says UFO incidents remain difficult to decipher, with no confirmed alien sightings.

Story by Adela Cruz

A grainy collage made out of torn pieces of paper. One shows a classic saucer-shaped UFOs. A second shows a pair of little green men aliens. The third says “The Roswell Report: Case Closed.” The fourth is a copy of an old newspaper article with the headline, “Harassed Rancher who Located ‘Saucer’ Sorry He Told About It.”
The 2021 Pentagon report on unidentified aerial phenomena didn’t reveal classic saucer-shaped UFOs and little green men. Photo illustration by Linnea Hoover.

After decades of denial, the U.S. government has finally broken silence on the topic of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), more commonly known as UFOs.

The unclassified report by The Office…

How isolation and my mother’s illness shaped my experience in quarantine.

Story by Henrik Butz

A family portrait of a middle-aged woman and three young boys.
A family portrait of Henrik, Simon and Christoph Butz and their mom. Photo courtesy of Henrik Butz.

“Nobody told you?” My twin brother Simon asked, a look of concern on his face.

“Told me what?” I replied nervously.

“Mom has Alzheimer’s. I thought you knew,” he said.

My whole world suddenly came…

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